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Problem-Solving / Mediation

The objective of the problem-solving (mediation) exercise is to restore an effective dialogue between the requestors and any interested persons with a view to resolving the issue(s) underlying a request, without seeking to attribute blame or fault to any such party.
The Director of BCRM invites all relevant parties, the requestors, management's representatives, project promoters, and other interested persons in the complaints about projects to participate in the exercise.

Successful Problem-Solving Exercise

BCRM shall within 30 days of a successful problem-solving exercise write and submit to the Board of Directors, the President, the Requestors and other interested parties, a Problem-Solving Report which shall include the solutions agreed upon by the parties involved.
The Board of Directors or the President (depending on the status of the project approval) shall decide whether or not to accept recommendations made for remedial actions. If the recommendations are rejected, the Board or the President will inform all participants in writing of the reasons for rejection.
BCRM will monitor the implementation of the action plans agreed during the problem-solving exercise.

Unsuccessful problem-solving exercise

If the problem solving efforts are not successful within 3 months from the commencement of the exercise, or by the common consent of the parties, the Director of BCRM shall write and submit a report to this effect to the Board of Directors, the President, AfDB management, the requestors, and other interested parties. The report shall include a description of the efforts made, the reasons for their failure, and make recommendations on steps the AfDB could take to deal with the unresolved issue or to refer the request for Compliance Review.