The Roster of Experts

The Roster of Experts comprises three  external experts, appointed by the Boards of Directors for a five-year non-renewable term. The Experts together with the Director of CRMU determine eligibility of request(s) for compliance review,

Mrs Arntraud Hartman, Member

Mrs. Arntraud Hartmann holds degrees in Law (Hamburg University), Diplomas in International Relations and International Finance (Harvard University and John Hopkins University), as well as an M.A. in Economics. She has more than 30 years professional experience in developing cooperation, including in several international organizations. Mrs. Hartmann spent 23 years with the World Bank, where she held Senior Management Positions. She was Country Director for several Southeast European Countries, Senior Advisor to the Managing Director and established the first Country Office of the World Bank in Romania in 1991 where she was the World Bank’s first Country Manager and Chief of Mission. Prior to that, she held positions as Principal Economist for West African Countries and as Country Economist for Pakistan.

Between 2002 and 2006, she was Senior Advisor to the Secretariat of the World Commission on the Social Dimensions of Globalization established at the ILO in Geneva and was Director of the Economic Policy Forum and International Institute for Journalism of InWent, in Berlin, Germany. Since then she is a member of the Quality Assurance Review Process of IFAD and has undertaken numerous consultancies for the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the German International Cooperation Agency, GIZ and the International Fund for Agriculture.

Mrs. Hartmann is an adjunct professor for Development Economics at SAIS, Johns Hopkins University, Bologna/Italy, and at the Hertie School of Governance, in Berlin/Germany. She regularly teaches at both institutions. She undertakes research with the Brookings Institution on aid effectiveness and has published extensively together with Johannes Linn, on “scaling up of development programs”. In addition, she has published on Public Sector Performance Measurement, Poverty Reduction Policies, Aid Effectiveness and Structural Adjustment Programs.

Ms Michele de Nevers, Member

Michele de Nevers holds a Masters of Science degree in Management and Finance (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and a Bachelor’s degree in Bacteriology (University of California, Berkeley), as well as a Diploma in Executive Leadership from the Harvard Business School. She has more than 35 years professional experience in development cooperation, including 30 years with the World Bank, where she held senior management positions. She was Director for Sector Programs in the World Bank Institute and Senior Manager in the Environment Department, where she led the preparation of the World Bank's corporate Environment Strategy and the public consultations on the World Bank Strategic Framework for Development and Climate Change.  She oversaw the World Bank's work on climate change, environmental economics, biodiversity, pollution management and other environmental issues. In the Environment Department and previously in the Latin America and Eastern Europe/Central Asia regions she managed teams that ensured compliance with the World Bank’s Environmental and Social Safeguard policies on projects across a wide range of sectors. Previously she held several other management positions and led industrial development and environmental projects in operational divisions in South Asia, Latin America and Europe and Central Asia.

Since 2011 Michele has been a Senior Associate at the Center for Global Development (CGD), a think tank in Washington DC that combines academic rigor and practical experience across a huge range of areas that affect development. She leads CGD's work on climate change, undertakes research and has published on climate finance, including adaptation finance, REDD+ and scaling up private sector investment for climate action. She has undertaken consultancies for the World Bank, including on the recent revision of its Safeguard Policy Framework.

In 2011 she was a Visiting Fellow at the Global Economic Governance Programme at University College, Oxford where she published on the topic of climate finance and development.

Michele was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines from 1976-1978.

Dr Sherif Arif, Member

Dr Sherif Arif graduated from the University of Manchester with a Ph. D in Physics.

He is an environmental professional with 35 years of experience as a Senior Development Specialist with USAID in Cairo from 1978-1990 and subsequently as a Senior and Lead environment specialist at the World Bank till 2007. During his tenure at the World Bank. Dr Arif occupied several positions as a Regional Safeguard Policy Advisor and a Regional Environmental Advisor at the Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA). He was also a project manager, program coordinator and a team leader of multi million dollars national and regional programs and projects thorough out the Middle East and North Africa region.

After his retirement from the World Bank, Dr Arif was a member of an international panel at the Global Environment Facility for the accreditation of eleven international project agencies in environment and social safeguards and gender mainstreaming. He also worked as a principal environmental consultant for international organizations such as the World Bank in the Africa Region, the European Commission, the United Nations Development Program, the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), the Deutsche Gesellschaft Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)  and the Agence Francaise de Développement.

These assignments covered a wide range of themes and activities in environment and social safeguards, environment and pollution management, coastal zone management, climate change, green and blue economies


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