African Development Institute

About Us

AfDB manages a large portfolio of operations in different sectors and countries in Africa and it ensures that its operations yield results on the ground. The effective implementation of these operations depends not only on design and supervision but also on the capability of those who manage them. Therefore, to enhance development effectiveness and knowledge-sharing in Africa, the AfDB has recently approved a capacity development strategy under which the African Development Institute (ADI) is the focal point.

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Eminent Speakers Series

The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize laureate and micro-credit promoter in Bangladesh, Muhammad Yunus, on Tuesday 12 March in Tunis urged the African Development Bank (AfDB) to provide support to social business given its consequential impact on poverty reduction. Yunus was speaking before members of senior management of the AfDB during a meeting organized by the Office of the Chief Economist of the institution.

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Strategic Cooperation

The Bank is partnering with international and national development agencies to deliver capacity building programs, each in their area of expertise, in order to produce synergies and complementarities. The ADI develops an active partnership with donors, development agencies, training institutes, universities, and private sector organizations within and outside the continent.

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