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Project Implementation Workshops

The Project Implementation Workshops consist of training activities focusing on Bank’s Procurement and Disbursement procedures as well as Bank’s Accounting and Auditing procedures. The Bank carries out Project Implementation Workshops in its Regional Member Countries. The primary aim of these Workshops is to strengthen the capacity of RMC officials to manage Bank-funded projects and programs.

The countries are selected based among others, on the following criteria:

  • Year of last workshop;
  • Size of the portfolio (number of projects and funding level);
  • Sub-regional balance.

Objectives of the Workshops

The main objective of these two-week workshops is to familiarize senior officials of project implementation agencies and other stakeholders with the policies and procedures of the Bank with regard to procurement, disbursements, accounting and auditing. The course is also intended to provide an overview of project cycle management and review project implementation issues. The specific objectives of the workshops are to:

  • Improve loan administration through efficient procurement and disbursement activities;
  • Improve dialogue and coordination with project implementation agencies and other donors
  • Disseminate Banks documentation and best practices in project and program development;
  • Language balance.

Target groups

For pedagogical and budget limitation reasons, a maximum of 40 participants are allowed in each workshop. The targeted participants are:

  • Mid-to-senior level government officials;
  • Directors and senior staff of project implementation units; and
  • Other practitioners working directly with ADB funded projects.

Curriculum itinerary

Each workshop will be conducted over a two-week period and will be made up of the following sessions:

1. An introductory presentation on the Bank Group

  • The ADB, ADF, and NTF windows
  • Mandate and Mission Statement
  • Vision and Strategic Priorities
  • Lending and non-lending instruments
  • Bank Group Capacity Building Activities

2. Project Cycle Management and Project Implementation Issues

  • Steps in project cycle: identification, preparation, appraisal, Project Completion Report
  • Issues Raised by Country Portfolio Reviews
  • Other Project Implementation related issues

3. Procurement Policies and Procedures

3.1 Civil works and Goods

  • International Competitive Bidding
  • Other modes of procurement
  • Bids evaluation procedures
  • Bidding documents
  • Application of preference margins
  • Essential Contract elements

3.2 Use of Consultants

4. Disbursement Procedures

  • Conditions precedent to first disbursement
  • Disbursement Methods
  • Application Procedures
  • Reporting
  • Review of Pending applications

5. Accounting procedures

6. Auditing Procedures

  • Objective and Scope of the ADB audit
  • Financial Statements and Statements of Expenditures
  • Special Account
  • Management letter
  • Role of the National Audit Office
  • Relationships with private auditors

7. Country Project Presentations: Review and Discussions

The overall coordination and facilitation of the workshop will be carried out by an appropriate staff member of the ADI. He/She will make a presentation on the Bank Group and its activities. If possible, a Task Manager or Project officer from the Operations Complex will make a presentation on the Bank Project Cycle and Project Implementation Issues. If not the ADI workshop coordinator will make this presentation.

The sessions on Bank procurement procedures, Disbursement procedures and Audit procedures will be led by representatives from PPRU, FFCO and AUDT respectively.

The session on country experience and specific issues will be a group discussion facilitated by the workshop director and led by country officials.