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Workshops on Performance-Based Allocation

The AfDB is organizing workshops on Performance-Based Allocation for ADF-11 Resources. The workshops are parts of the Bank’s response to the conclusions of the ADF-10 Mid-Term Review meeting held in The Hague in December 2006. Among other suggestions, the meeting had recommended that as part of mobilization  for the ADF-11 Replenishments, the Bank should increase the awareness of RMCs officials on the guidelines for allocating African Development Fund resources, and  harmonize its guidelines with those of sister multilateral development institutions. 

The sensitization program had been running since April 2007. 

Target participants

Its target participants in the RMCs are the Senior Executives in the Debt Management Offices, the ADB Desk Officers, and the Special Assistants to the Ministers of Finance and to the Central Bank Governors. In the Bank, the target participants are staff in the Country Offices, Vice Presidents and staff in their Front Offices, Executive Directors and their Advisors. 


The workshops provided opportunities for participants to master the workings of PBA and the Debt Sustainability Framework and how these determine individual RMCs shares of ADF resources.

Expected outcomes

The expected outcomes from the workshops are enhancement of the participants’ knowledge on the workings of PBA in determining allocations, and the implication of Debt Sustainability Analysis (DSA) Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI) and regional operations. With respect to the RMCs officials, the workshop also aims at equipping them to engage in policy discussions with experts from ADB and other multilateral institutions on the underlying factors behind their countries’ performance ratings, and debt sustainability profiles.