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Kofi A. Annan Eminent Speakers’ Lecture Series

The African Development Bank’s Eminent Speakers Lecture Series was launched in 2006, and is organized by the Complex of the Chief Economist and Vice-President, Economic Governance and Knowledge Management (ECVP). The purpose of the lecture series is to provide a platform for a robust exchange of ideas to meet the challenges of African development.

Enriching the debate: Focusing on Excellence

The ECVP Complex plays an integral role in strengthening political, economic, and social dialogue between stakeholders and regional member countries of the Bank. It also focuses attention on the enormous importance of knowledge, experience and lessons learnt, and their tangible impacts on the sustainable and inclusive transformation of African economies. This is in complete accord with the African Development Bank’s top High 5 development priorities.

The Eminent Speakers lecture series continues to strengthen the high levels of intellectual excellence that have come to be associated with the Bank. Invited speakers are chosen on the basis of international recognition and renown, cutting-edge expertise, careers, and abilities to motivate audiences to meet the new challenges of today.

Since 2006, world-class speakers, women and men of renown, politicians, top academics, businesspeople and civil society representatives, have spoken the African Development Bank’s Eminent Speakers lecture series on a diverse range of topics and issues, including economics, finance, regional integration, human development, the environment, and philosophy (see here).

A broad range of development-related themes and issues have been discussed and deepened through an Africa-specific lens and a broad global perspective.

Lectures open to all

The interactive Eminent Speakers lecture-series is open to Bank staff in Abidjan, and via video conference for employees in regional offices across Africa, and includes Q & A sessions that allow speakers to engage with staff and expand the focus of their presentations. This event is open to the general public.

The Eminent Speakers lecture series is one of the African Development Bank’s contributions to the body of knowledge on Africa. The series enriches debates on cutting edge ideas and outlines concrete solutions tailored to specific features of the African continent.

Célestin Monga, Chief Economist and Vice-President, Economic Governance and Knowledge Management (ECVP), is the African Development Bank spokesperson on economics. Under his leadership, visibility is given to the Bank's work on development issues from the perspectives of economics, finance, socioeconomics and financial governance. The ECVP Complex also coordinates the production of analyses and research to inform the African Development Bank's choices of policies and operational directions.