Training Programme and Seminars

The 2015 Programme of Activities is a reflection of adaptation to the African development challenges in light of the Bank’s New Ten Year Strategy, centered on Africa’s transformation.

Capacity development needs in the Bank and on the continent have been growing, requiring strategic interventions to efficiently re-position Africa on the transformational frontier. Regional Member Countries need to be equipped with use of Bank enhanced financial toolkits, including procurement and disbursement rules, risk analysis and mitigation instruments. Capacity in debt management and analysis on the continent is imperative as more countries are looming to the HIPC Completion Point and looking ahead to higher Sustainable Development Goals. Countries’ capacity to design, develop and implement sound financial governance; infrastructure financing for trade and regional integration as well as  gender empowerment  are paramount for financing Africa’s post-2015 development. Capacity needs in contract drafting and negotiation on natural resources remain acute in a context of commodities boom and bust in Africa. There is equally urgent need to remove all the pockets of fragility in a number of member states to bring them to a level ground for reaping ongoing development efforts.

The critical requirement is to now apply the growing wealth of knowledge to make more accurate strategic interventions.  

This year’s program consolidates previous innovations and builds on yet some new approaches. The thematic areas are still core in the program. The Tool Kits for Disbursement, Procurement and Project Implementation will considerably be delivered more in an e-environment. This is anticipated to broaden interaction and sharing while building a bigger sizable knowledge base in a relatively smaller time frame. The relative importance and emphasis of these tools will increase this year, just as Macroeconomic Policy Modelling and Forecasting.

The catalogue of workshops this year also encompasses external partnerships as well as internal collaboration with a unique feature on capacity development activities in the Complex of the Chief Economist and Vice President, reflected in workshops in data collection and processing, workshops in the management of additionality and development outcome assessment.  

The efforts are all geared towards strengthening project effectiveness and efficiency as well as keeping transformational activities within the Bank’s Ten Year Strategy.

I do therefore project that this year’s Program of Activities will positively impact on the RMC’s Bank-funded project activities.

Bernadette Dia Kamgnia
Ag. Director, African Development Institute
African Development Bank

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