Women Entrepreneurship Track Program

Course information

  • Course title: Women Entrepreneurship Track Program
  • Course dates: 01/01/2011 - 31/12/2011
  • Course language: English
  • Course agency: AFDB
  • Course country: Africa
  • Course city:

Course description

Women entrepreneurs of less than 35 years, experience in enterprise creation and management, secondary education minimum.

This program would be implemented in partnership with HEC in close association with a local University. It will help to develop the skills and networks necessary to create innovative and sustainable businesses among women entrepreneurs. The program would be adapted to the management education needs of the selected country, from the model already being implemented by HEC, Goldman Sachs (USA) and the University of Tsinghua in China (5 year program started in 2008). The program was found able to be replicated in diverse candidate countries in Africa, where further training of young and successful women entrepreneurs is needed. Program innovations in the African context will be of focusing on young women with 3 years of leading a small or medium size business, needing for a skills upgrade in order to make their companies grow, conquer market and streamline their production capacities. It will be expected that at the end of the program, 60% of the graduates will have significantly increased their revenues and hired employees.

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