Davies, Victor


Victor A.B. Davies is a Senior Research Economist in the Development Research Department. He was a Senior Lecturer in economics at the University of Sierra Leone and a Visiting Scholar to the IMF Research Department. Mr Davies has done research and consultancy work for the World Bank and UNDP. He expects to receive shortly a doctoral degree in economics from Oxford University and already holds a master’s degree in economic development from Oxford University.

Research interests

Mr Davies’ research interests span the economics of violent conflict; macroeconomic policy; and the political economy of economic growth and natural resources.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • “Post-Conflict Monetary Reconstruction”, (with Christopher Adam and Paul Collier) World Bank Economic Review. Volume 22, number 1, 2008.
  • “Post-war Capital Flight and Inflation” Journal of Peace Research. Forthcoming in volume 45, number 4, July 2008.
  • “Sierra Leone: Ironic Tragedy”, Journal of African Economies, volume 9, number 3, 2000.

Book chapters

  • “Sierra Leone’s Economic Growth Performance: 1961-2000” in B. Ndulu et al (editors), The Political Economy of Africa: Country Case Studies. 2007. Cambridge University Press.
  • “Diamonds, Poverty and War in Sierra Leone” in G. Hilson (editor) Poverty and Perseverance: the State of Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining in West Africa. 2006. UK: ITDG Publishing.
  • “Liberia and Sierra Leone: Interwoven Civil Wars” in A. K. Fosu and P. Collier (editors) Post- Conflict Economies in Africa. 2005. Palgrave and International Economic Association.
  • “What Explains African Civil Wars: Politics or Economics?” in Frank Columbus (editor) Politics and Economics of Africa. 2002. New York: Nova Science.

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