African Development Report

African Development Report is an annual publication prepared by the Research Department and has become an important source of analysis and information on developments in Africa. Each year, the Report provides an update on key macroeconomic and sectoral developments and provides an in-depth analysis of an important development topic critical for Africa’s development prospects.

Africa Competitiveness Report

The Africa Competitiveness Report 2013 indicates that Africa’s growth should be complemented by gains in competitiveness since many African countries are ranked among the least competitive economies in the world. Although there are important disparities across the continent, low levels of regional integration and infrastructure deficit have been identified as the main barriers to improved productivity, economic diversification, private sector development and spatial inclusion. These challenges are particularly prominent in landlocked countries and should be prioritized by Africa’s policy-makers.

Africa and Global Economic Trends Quarterly Review

The Statistics Department (ESTA) has just released a new edition of the ‘Quarterly Statistical Brief’. The objective is to provide users with some recent data on the short term trends in the world economy, commodity prices and African economies in general.   

The Bulletin is disseminated every quarter and the next edition is scheduled for release at the end of March 2012.

Working Papers

This series presents research findings on topics relevant to African development policy issues. Submissions for the publication of an Economic Research Working Paper are welcome from all professionals; please see the Information for Contributors for more details.