African Development Report 2015

Despite earlier periods of limited growth, African economies have grown substantially over the past decade. However, poverty and inequality reduction has remained less responsive to growth successes across the continent. How does growth affect poverty and inequality? How can Africa overcome contemporary and future sustainable development challenges?
This 2015 edition of the African Development Report (ADR) offers analysis, synthesis and recommendations that are relevant to these questions.

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The year 2015 marked the conclusion of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the adoption of a new global development agenda. This is an opportune moment for African countries to reflect on their devel-opment record, to assess what has worked well and where we can do better on eradicating poverty...

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The African Development Report 2015 (ADR2015) was prepared by staff from the African Development Bank Group, under the overall guidance of Steve Kayizzi-Mugerwa (Former acting Chief Economist and Vice President - ECON) and Abebe Shimeles (Ag. Director, Development and Research Department)...

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