Chapter 8: The way forward to achieving sustainable development in Africa

Key messages

  • Achieving development goals remains an unfinished business for African countries. The SDGs fit accurately with Africa’s priorities for the next fifteen years. The future of growth and its impact on poverty reduction in Africa hinges on what happens to structural transformation. A new develop-ment trajectory of structural transformation is required to ensure improving productivity as Africa industrialises. This requires huge investment in both human and physical capital. Key priorities would be: Investment in infrastructure, especially energy; and, improvement of labour force productivity, to fit the needs of manufacturing and agro-industries.
  • The African Development Bank supports its Regional Member Countries (RMCs) to achieve structural transformation that will eradicate poverty on the continent. As a first priority, the Bank focuses on improving Africa’s production capabilities through infrastructure development. The Bank recently initiated a New Deal for Energy that will help to power Africa’s transformation, and to fast-track universal access to energy, by 2025. The Bank will also focus on integrating and industrialising Africa, by promoting private sector development. The ultimate goal of the Bank is to improve the quality of everyday life for all Africans, by helping them to have equal access to quality jobs, and enough food.