ICP for Africa Results

Comparing the Real Size of African Economies

The ICP information collected in this 2011 round sheds light on the top-performing African economies compared to those countries for whom progress is proving slower. Not only do the data identify the drivers of economic growth across the region, but they also provide measures of household welfare through Actual Individual Consumption rankings.

Tracking Africa’s Progress in Figures

African economies have sustained unprecedented rates of growth, driven mainly by strong domestic demand, improved macroeconomic management, a growing middle class, and increased political stability. As the continent continues to evolve, the African Development Bank’s Tracking Africa’s Progress in Figures publication looks at the key megatrends of the last few decades that will shape Africa’s future.

Compendium of Statistics on Bank Group Operations

Compendium of Statistics on Bank Group Operations is an annual publication of the African Development Bank Group, presenting data on operational activities of the Bank Group. Part One gives cross-country statistics on Bank operations and Part Two provides country-specific information on each regional member country of the Bank. The present publication was prepared in the Economic and Social Statistics Division of the Statistics Department.

The AfDB Statistics Pocketbook

The AfDB Statistics Pocketbook 2017, presents summary economic and social data on regional member countries and on the operational activities of the African Development Bank Group. Most of the indicators shown are selected from another Bank publication: Compendium of Statistics on Bank Group OperationsGender, Poverty and Environmental Indicators on African Countries

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By 2020, in some countries, yields from rainfed agriculture could be reduced by up to 50%

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