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Madagascar: Fishing support #FeedAfrica #ImprovingthelivesofAfricans

Project name: Tuléar Fishing Communities Support Project (PACP)


  • Promote the sustainable development of traditional maritime fishing through consolidation of beneficiary organizations and State services.
  • Provide adequate resources for fishermen via equipment, training and micro loans to rural fishermen looking to improve their business.


I started by buying fish and sea food from small-scale fishermen and re-selling them to companies in this city. We later applied for loans from a micro- finance company. It enabled us to buy additional material and to open other points of sale. I would like to continue with this work and become an exporter. If the PACP project did not exist, I would have not been able to have a long- term vision.

Virginie Gorette Ratiarainandrasan


  • The increase in fishery production, in addition to its impact on the incomes of beneficiaries, is improving nutrition in all villages of the project area.