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Mali: Food and Nutrition Enhancement #FeedAfrica

Project name: Koulikoro Region Food and Nutrition Security Enhancement Project (PRESAN-KL)


  • Develop new irrigated perimeters.
  • Set up garden lots.
  • Develop infrastructure for storage, processing and marketing of agricultural products.
  • Rehabilitate markets.
  • Boost agricultural production with a target of 10,600 tonnes of rice and 20,300 tonnes of fruit and vegetables.


I chose to sell vegetables because they are produced here at home. In the evenings, I go out to buy vegetables from producers in their fields and sell them the next day. This market is really important because it is the biggest in the area.


Adiaratou Traoré
market seller, Baguinéda


  • Harvests have risen dramatically, with local families reaping the benefits.
  • Improved food security for some 178,000 people
  • Reduction of poverty in the region
  • Establishment of a source of food supply for the northern region, which suffers ongoing security threats.