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27/06/2017 - The Climate Investment Funds (CIF) awarded Liberia a grant in the amount of US$ 23.25 million to help transform the country’s renewable energy sector. The project aims at developing a 9.8 MW hydropower plant at Gbedin Falls on the Mano River in Nimba County and provide a low-cost, sustainable and reliable source of electricity to Liberia.

Categories: Liberia, Climate Investment Funds (CIF), Energy & Power

27/06/2017 - The African Development Bank (AfDB) has called on financial markets to increase affordable loans and provide more diverse and innovative financing instruments to Africa’s micro, small and medium sized enterprises.

Categories: African Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Agriculture & Agro-industries

27/06/2017 - The African Development Bank (AfDB) has announced the appointment of Ms. Oley Lucretia Clara Dibba-Wadda as Director of Human Capital, Youth and Skills Development with effect from July 1, 2017.

Categories: Gambia, Human Capital Development, Youth, The President

  • From: 28/06/2017
  • To: 30/06/2017
  • Location: Cotonou, Benin

The African Development Bank is co-organizing, together with other members of the Nairobi Framework Partnership (NFP), the 9th African Carbon Forum (ACF) hosted by the Republic of Benin, in Cotonou from 28th – 30th June, 2017.

Categories: Benin

27/06/2017 - The World Food Prize 2017 goes to Dr. Akinwumi Ayodeji Adesina, President of the African Development Bank Group "for helping Africa get it right in agriculture and making it a key player of securing food for the world.”

Categories: Agriculture & Agro-industries, Food Production, Nutrition, The President

27/06/2017 - The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) has approved the 2016 Annual report and 2017 Work plan and budget of the African Water Facility (AWF), with particular reference to the use of an amount up to €1.925 million for the administrative budget of AWF out of the Special Water Fund for 2017 activities.

Categories: Water Supply & Sanitation, African Water Facility

23/06/2017 - The official launch of Zimbabwe’s Support to Beef and Leather Value Chain Technical Assistance Project took place on June 15th, 2017 in Harare, attracting more than 100 participants.

Categories: Zimbabwe, Private Sector, Partnerships

21/06/2017 - Faciliter les déplacements dans la zone la plus peuplée et la plus productive du Sénégal, c’est l’objectif du projet de Train express régional (TER) de Dakar, que la Banque africaine de développement (BAD) a décidé, mercredi 21 juin 2017, de financer à hauteur de 192,8 millions de dollars EU (120 milliards de francs CFA).

Categories: Senegal, Transport, Infrastructure, Regional Integration

20/06/2017 - The African Development Bank’s Board of Directors has approved a US $1-million African Private Sector Assistance Fund (FAPA) grant to the Government of Mozambique to finance the Nacala Corridor Business Linkages Technical Assistance Project.

Categories: Mozambique, Japan, Transport, Regional Integration, Infrastructure, Private Sector, Partnerships, Employment, Fund for African Private Sector Assistance

20/06/2017 - Dans le cadre du projet de gestion intégrée du bassin versant du Gourou à Abidjan, financé par la Banque africaine de développement (BAD) à travers un don FAD d’un montant de 23 millions d’UC (environ 18 milliards), le Ministère de la construction du logement de l’assainissement et de l’urbanisme (MCLAU) de Côte d’Ivoire a organisé le jeudi 08 juin 2017, à Abidjan, une cérémonie de remise d’équipements et d’outils de terrain.

Categories: Côte d’Ivoire, Environment

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