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200% General Capital Increase

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With a 200% General Capital Increase endorsed in April 2010 by the African Development Bank (AfDB) Governors Consultative Committee, Bank resources are currently estimated at USD 100 billion.

This achievement has embedded opportunities for the Bank to address development challenges in Africa, as the preferred lender on the continent.  The Bank’s regional member countries will be able to make robust demands. At the same time, the Bank will build a higher delivery capacity and implement the enhanced risk management framework. 

In order to respond to these issues, the medium-term strategy is going to be adjusted to reflect the continent’s development vision and strategies in the coming years, as well as changing conditions. These funds will sustain the reform agenda that includes the Bank’s decentralization process, human resources and IT improvement, as well as greater quality and results in the Bank’s delivery.

The reform programme has yielded encouraging results. The organizational structure will be adapted to emerging business needs, such as clean energy and climate change, gender, integrity and the anti-corruption function that will be mainstreamed in Bank operations. With such efforts, the Bank will be able to support its regional member countries every step of the way.