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"2009 has been a year of challenges for regional members countries and for Africa as a whole," says Donald Kaberuka


For the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group President, Donald Kaberuka, “2009 was a year of special challenges to the institution, to member countries and to African economies as a whole. It will remain in the institution’s recent history as a year that put our ability to innovate, our methods and resources to the test.”

In his introductory remarks to the 2009 annual report, Mr. Kaberuka underscored that “the most challenging obstacle the Bank has had to scale through has been the search for an effective response to the global financial crisis in the absence of proper instruments, while avoiding any strategic mistakes.”

“Despite challenges, the Bank succeeded to respond with flexibility, innovation and speed to the increasing needs of its regional member countries. If we have been able to promptly and effectively intervene, we owe it to our financial robustness and to our strengthened internal capacity,” the AfDB President said.

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