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Adaptation to Climate Change: Water and Agriculture Sectors

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African countries have hardly contributed to global greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, they are the most affected by climate change, putting livelihoods and natural assets at risk.

ADF Financing, Resources Mobilization from Global Environment Facility (GEF)

The AfDB Group is one of GEF’s ten implementing agencies. Given its transversal mandate and proximity to local stakeholders in recipient countries threatened by climate change, the AfDB Group has mobilized over US$ 70 million in grants, from both the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF), and the Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF). Hosted at the GEF, both funds are dedicated to finance adaptation activities. ADF has contributed US$ 200 million in co-financing. The following are a sample of the projects financed within the framework:

In Benin, a US$ 7.2-million grant will control floods and enable agriculture infrastructure resilience to climate change, in the Oueme Valley.

In Madagascar, a project grant of US$ 6.2 million will enable climate change adaptation in the agriculture sector, through climate proofing of infrastructure and livelihoods.

In Mauritania, the AfDB Group will implement a US$ 6.3-million grant. The project will enhance the proofing of water sector investment to climate change, by building pastoral and forestry resources climate resilient activities, in the Southern part of the country.

In Sierra-Leone, a US$ 4-million grant will enable climate change resilience, in the water and sanitation sectors.

In Uganda, the GEF approved a US$ 8.3-million grant to finance a climate change resilience project, through the water and sanitation sectors in flood- and drought-prone regions.

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