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ADB Gets Award from Zanzibar


The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Honorable Haroun Ali Suleiman, in his speech, explained that the Bank’s involvement in the development of the Education Sector in Zanzibar started with Education II Project, which came at a time when most bilateral partners had suspended their support to Zanzibar on political grounds.

If It was not for the Bank’s intervention in the construction and rehabilitation of 200 classrooms, rehabilitation of Nkrumah Teacher Training College, in-service training of teachers and supply of textbooks and teachers' guide for primary standard four to seven, the basic education system in Zanzibar would have significantly deteriorated.

In contrast, because of the contribution of the project Gross Enrollment Rate at primary level has gone up from 85.4% in 1999 to 100.3% in 2004.

Furthermore, the supply of textbooks and teachers guides for primary standard four and five have enabled the pupil textbook ratio to reach 1:1 and the quality of education continues to rise. This achievement is hailed in Zanzibar as a most significant milestone in its drive to attain education for all with quality.

The President of Zanzibar Honorable Aman Abeid Aman Karume, who presided over the ceremony, commended ADB for being among the first partners to support Zanzibar Poverty Reduction Plan through Alternative Learning and Skills Development Project which aims at providing skills training to out-of-school youth and women. The project has come up with the innovative concept of business incubator targeting the unemployed less educated youth rather than the traditional high tech incubator for highly skilled workers most of whom are above the poverty line.

The President reiterated the commitment of his Government to continue to work with the Bank in the area of human resource development, as well as in other sectors like Transport and Agriculture.