ADB Supports Fisheries and aquaculture Sector in Gabon

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Tunis, 27 July 2005 – The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank approved on Wednesday in Tunis, a loan of 14.30 million Units of Account* (US$ 20.83 million or CFA 11.3 billion) to finance a fisheries and aquaculture sector support project in Gabon.

The project will enhance the diversification of the Gabonese economy through the improvement of the conditions for fish production in order to increase output and incomes. It will help generate an additional production of nearly 20,000 tonnes of fish of various species. This will help raise the current production level estimated at 43,630 tonnes (2003 season) to over 60,000 tonnes per year.

To achieve these results, the project will entail:

-  Construction and/or rehabilitation of landing sites, equipped aquaculture centres and stations and other associated structures such as fishery inspectorates and infrastructure to enhance the effectiveness of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Administration (DGPA);

-  Institutional and legal capacity building as well as strengthening of workers of the DGPA and the project beneficiaries;

-  Establishment of technical and legal fisheries and aquaculture (fishery observatory and legal framework);

-  Establishment of 25 savings and credit funds for groups of actors in the fisheries and aquaculture sub-sector.

The project beneficiaries comprise a total of 21,500 operators in the sub-sector made up of at least 7,500 artisan fishermen, 500 fish farmers and about 12,000 female operators from other sections of the sub-sector who are essentially processors, fishmongers and traders. In addition to these operators, the project aims to promote the integration of about 1,500 youths interested in the fisheries and aquaculture sub-sector who find it difficult to do so.

ADB Group operations in Gabon commenced in 1974. To date, the Bank’s total commitments in the country stand at US$ 980 million in 31 projects.

Project Brief

-  Sources of financing: ADB + government

-  Estimated start-up date: January 2006

-  Executing Agency: General Directorate of Fisheries & Aquaculture, Tel (241) 74-89-92, Fax: (241) 76-46-02

-  Procurement of Goods and Services: Procurement of works for the construction of basic infrastructure: ICB; construction and rehabilitation works: NCB; procurement of patrol boats and terrain vehicles: ICB; procurement of motorcycles, logistics of aquaculture stations and centres: NCB; procurement of computer and office automation equipment, training equipment and office furniture: NCB. technical capital equipment for the surveillance of fishing, sanitary and quality control and the aquaculture centres and stations: international shopping.

-  Consultancy services required: For the monitoring and supervision of development, construction and rehabilitation works, training, studies and technical assistance, evaluation, promotion and organization of groupings, support to the putting in place of micro-credit mechanism, project auditing, preparation of a manual of accounting and financial procedures, as well as the setting up of a computerized accounting and financial management system.

* UA 1 = US$ 1, 45661 as at 01/07/2005

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