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ADB Supports Public Administration Reform in Morocco


The Board of Directors of the ADB in  Tunis on Monday approved a loan of 100 million Units of Account (UA*), equivalent to 153.60 million U S dollars (121 million Euros), in budget support to finance the Public Administration Reform Support Programme (PARAP).

The goal of the programme is to promote strong economic growth and sustainable development, strengthening the competitiveness of the economy while ensuring medium-term macro-economic viability.

The project hinges on the following four components:

  • Strengthening of Public Finance Management;
  • Strengthening of Human Resource Management Efficiency;
  • Control of the Increase in the Wage Bill; and
  • Simplification and Rationalization of Administrative Procedures and Formalities.

The PARAP is expected to strengthen overall macro-economic equilibrium by rationalizing public spending while improving the general efficiency of the administration. It is expected that during the 2004-2007 period an average GDP growth rate of 4% in real terms will be achieved.

The success of a deconcentration process and the simplification of administrative procedures will have a direct effect on enterprises as users of public administration services as well as in the human resource management component, positively affecting the quality of service rendered in the 12 ministries representing 80% of civil servants.

The World Bank and the European Union are also supporting the PARAP with loans of 100 million US dollars and 79 million Euros respectively.

The ADB operations in Morocco started in 1970. To date, the Bank’s commitments in the country stand at 3.5 billion UA (EUR 4.04 billion or 45.60 billion Dirhams) in 84 operations.

* UC = 1.53590 USD = 1.15525 EUR = 13.0263 Dirhams


-Project Title: Administrative reform support programme


Borrower: Government of Morocco

- Location: National territory

-Executing Agency: Ministry of Finance and Privatisation Rabat, Morocco Tel.: (212) 37 67 72 69

- Starting Date & Duration: January 2005, 18 months


Felix Njoku Phone: +216 71 10 26 12