ADF Funds Watershed Protection in Burundi

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Tunis, 1 March 2005 – A new operation of the African Development Fund (ADF) in Burundi will help strengthen food security by restoring the soil.

The grant of 9 million Units of Account* (US$ 13 million or CFA 7 billion) today approved by the ADF Board of Directors aims at protecting the watersheds, increasing forestry and agro-livestock production and increasing rural incomes in the project area.

To meet these objectives, the Watershed Management Project (PABV) comprises:

-  training courses for 20 officials in forest inventory and management and 35 officials and technicians in agro-forestry, soil and water conservation and planning;

-  training for 2,000 smallholders including 40% women in agro-forestry and erosion control;

-  study trips for 50 smallholders and officers of the Department of the forestry;

-  training for 46,800 smallholders including 35% women in agro-forestry activities, development of fodder species and diversification of production;

-  finalization of the forest policy document and the forest Code;

-  implementation with the rural populations of ten simple community woodlot management plans;

-  creation and upkeep of 15,000 ha State plantations;

-  creation of approximately 5,550 ha of Community and/or private woodlots;

-  construction of 600,000 metres of erosion control works according to contour lines;

-  improvement of 5,800 ha natural pastures;

-  planting of 3,000 ha of multi-purpose fodder species;

-  creation of 600 ha of farms for food crop production, market gardening, fruit growing and bee-keeping.

The forest resources of Burundi have been seriously degraded since the beginning of the socio-political crisis which the country has been experiencing for one decade. Thus, more than 30,000 ha of woodlots and 10,000 ha of natural forests have been destroyed, reducing the country's forest cover rate from 8% to 5%. The overexploitation of arable lands, overgrazing, tilling of steep slopes and the phenomena of erosion in various forms account for the degradation of natural resources (soils, forests, etc).

The Bank Group operations in Burundi started in 1974. To date, its commitments in the country stand at CFA 189 billion for 52 operations.

Project Brief

-  Sources of financing: ADF, Government & beneficiaries

-  Location: Gitega, Bururi, Rutana, Muyinga, Kirundi and Cankuzo provinces.

-  Estimated start-up date and duration:

-  Executing Agency: Department of Forestry at the Ministry of Regional Development, the Environment and Tourism, Bujumbura (Burundi) – Tel: (257) 22.49.79, Fax: (257) 22.89.02

-  Procurement of Goods and Services:

o National competitive bidding (NCB): Construction of buildings; vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles, office furniture and other equipment (computers, photocopiers, fax, telephone, communication equipment, etc.)

o Short list of consultants

* UA 1 = USD 1.44540 = CFA 782.406 as at 01/02/2006


Chawki Chahed Phone: +216 71 10 27 02
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