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ADF Helps Improve Control of Communicable Diseases in Madagascar


The grant of 6 million Units of Account (9 million US dollars) will be used to enhance safe blood transfusion and improve the quality of preventive and curative medication against communicable diseases (HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis and hepatitis).

The project will comprise the establishment of an operational blood transfusion network; improvement of access to services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of communicable diseases. It also includes national capacity building for epidemiological surveillance.

The implementation of the project will help reduce the incidence of HIV by over 50% among the general population by 2010. It will also help reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases by half from 14% to 7%, and that of tuberculosis from 117 cases to less than 90 per 100,000 by the year 2010.

The project will help increase access to screening and counseling centers for the rural and urban populations by the end of 2007, while increasing the number of private and public health facilities.

The African Development Bank Group operations in Madagascar started in 1977. To date, the cumulative commitments of the Bank Group in Madagascar amount to US$ 387 million for 57 operations.

Project Brief

Estimated start-up date and duration:June 2005, 5 years

Executing Agency:Ministry of Health and Family, Planning Health Project II, Management Unit, Tel: (261) 20 22 56970, Fax: (261) 20 22323 26

Procurement of works, goods and services:

oWorks: International and national Competitive Bidding for the construction of the Blood Transfusion Centre

oGoods: Local (national & international) shopping for equipment, furniture and non-medical materials;

oServices: Consultancy services are required for: studies and supervision of construction works, technical control and audit.

1UA = US $ 1,53590 as at 01/12/04


Eric Chinje Phone: +216 71 10 21 16

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