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ADF launches a study on Fisheries resources developmentin Ethiopia


This study will examine the problems of development of the fisheries sub-sector and aquaculture. A Development Plan, and a set of appropriate actions aimed at better orientation of future interventions in the sub-sector will also be defined.

The sector goal is to contribute to reduction of poverty through improvement of the food security of the rural population and sustainable natural resources management. Investments and gains of productivity in the fisheries sub-sector will enhance the utilization of the natural fisheries resources while facilitating the creation of more job opportunities other than farming for the rural population; and restraining the large volume of human migration to the urban centres.

In addition, the fisheries and aquaculture development projects when ready will go a long way in helping to undertake concrete development actions and build the sub-sector’s institutional capacities.

The vast fisheries resources of Ethiopia have hitherto been unexploited to the benefits of the teeming population. The implementation of the recommendations resulting from the study will enable sustainable development of the fisheries sub-sectors and aquaculture in order to fight efficiently against hunger in Ethiopia.

The Bank’s Group operations in Ethiopia started in 1975. To date, of the cumulative commitments of the Bank Group in Ethiopia stand at approximately US$ 2 billion for 79 operations.

Project Information Sheet

Sources of financing: ADF & Government

Estimated start-up date and duration: June 2005, 18 months

Executing Agency: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Animal and Fisheries Resources Department, P.O. Box 62347, Addis Ababa, Tel: 251 1 51 80 40, Fax: 251 1 51 29 84

Procurement of Goods and Service:

o Consultancy services for carrying out the Ethiopia Fisheries Resources Development Plan study would be required. The Executing Agency should be contacted for more information if needed.

o Equipment would be required for the above study and would be procured using National Shopping (NS) procedures.