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ADF, Madagascar sign agreements related to Good Governance and fight against AIDS


The ADB Vice-President for North, South and East operations, Mr. Theodore Nkodo and Madagascar Minister of Finances, Mr. Benjamin Radavidsonsigned in Tunis two grant agreements from the African Development Fund (ADF) to finance a project for the control of communicable diseases HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases STD, tuberculosis and hepatitis) and a project of Institutional Capacity Building for Good Governance (PRIBG)in the amount of about US$ 9 million, equivalent to UA* 6 million for each project.

The project for the control of communicable diseases will enhance safe blood transfusion and improve the quality of preventive and curative medication against communicable diseases provided to the population.

The project of InstitutionalCapacityBuilding for Good Governance (PRIBG)will contribute to achieving the Millenium Development Goals thanks to strengthening national capacity, particularly through the enhancement of the financial, legal and judicial environment.

M. Nkodo congratulated Madagascar for its important progresses in the implementation of its economic reforms programme. Madagascar has actually achieved the completion point of the Debt relief Initiative.The Vice President also encouraged the government to accelerate the achievement of necessary conditions to disburse the grants that will enable the underprivileged populations to benefit from them earlier.

The Minister Radavidson recalled that health and political stability constitute crucial factors for the sustainable development of the Island. Mr. Radavidson expressed his gratefulness for these ADF grants which will improve such essential sectors for the country. Finally, the Finance minister underlined that the fruitful cooperation between ADB and Madagascar will be enhanced by the forthcoming opening of the Bank Regional Office in Antananarivo.

The African Development Bank Group operations in Madagascar started in 1977. To date, the cumulative commitments of the Bank Group in Madagascar amount to US$ 672 million for 60 operations.

*1 UA =1.55301 $US as at 01/01/2005