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ADF Promotes Efficient Public Service in Lesotho


The goal of the project is to contribute to building capacity of the public service system to implement the Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper’s objectives. The specific objectives of the project are to strengthen Government’s capacity in planning as well as financial and budget management and the capacity of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport to manage the road system.

The implementation of this project will assist in Lesotho Government’s efforts to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public service delivery as well as public financial management and accountability.

During the signing ceremony, VP El Bakri underlined that the Bank’s strategy is to continue helping to address development challenges facing Lesotho. The VP also stressed out that: "while Bank’s portfolio in Lesotho is satisfactory, improved efforts by the Bank Group and the Lesotho Government will help deliver all projects’ aims".

The Bank Group's operations in Lesotho started in 1974. This agreement brings the ADB Group’s commitment to a total amount of UA 226.5 million (US$343.5 million) in support of 49 operations.

*1 UA = 1.51678 US$ as at 01/05/2005

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