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ADF promotes Good Governance in Tanzania


The grant of 4.797 million Units of Account (US$ 7 million), which was approved today by the ADF, will support reforms that are expected to be undertaken under the Poverty Reduction Support Loan (PRSL), the budget support operation that was approved by the ADF Board of Directors in October 2004.

The project will contribute to improving economic growth in Tanzania by improving the management of public finances and enhancing the efficiency of the legal sector and judiciary system in Zanzibar, where good corporate management practices will be enhanced.

In this regard, the project aims at contributing to the development of a public procurement system that is transparent and professional. Towards this end, the project will provide funds for technical assistance, training of staff and procurement of IT equipment. The technical assistance will mainly be in the form of consultancies to establish a Regulatory Procurement Authority and a Public Procurement Appeals Authority, to develop an anticorruption strategy in procurement as well as a Management Information System (MIS), and to develop a scheme of service for procurement cadre as well as a professional procurement body. The project will also finance the training of procurement staff in short and long term courses, and the procurement of IT equipment to operationalise the MIS.

The project also seeks to help the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar improve its legal sector and the management of public finances. The funds will be used to finance consultants to undertake a review of the Companies Decree, and to disseminate the Public Procurement Act and Regulations and the Financial Administration Act to officials and stakeholders. The project will also finance training of judiciary staff, procurement staff, accountants and auditors and debt management officers. Funds will also be provided for the procurement of the required IT equipment.

The African Development Bank Group operations in Tanzania started in 1971. To date, its cumulative commitments in the country stand at US$ 1.2 billion (TZS 1,300 billion) in 90 operations.

Project Brief

Sources of financing: ADF & Government

Estimated start-up date and duration: April 2005, 36 months

Executing Agency: Ministry of Finance, P.O. Box 9111, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Tel: (255) 22-211-1174/6, Fax: (255) 22-211-0326

Consultancy Services: Consultancy services will be required for the following activities: (i) Review of the Public Procurement Act; (ii) Establishment of the Regulatory Authority; (iii) Preparation of Standard Tendering Documents, Guidelines and User Manuals and translating them into Kiswahili; (iv) Establishment of a Public Procurement Appeals Authority; (v) Preparation of an anticorruption strategy; and (vi) Drafting a scheme of service for procurement staff and the establishment of a professional procurement body. Zanzibar Component: review of the Companies Decree.


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