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ADF Strengthens Good Governance in Madagascar


The Board of Directors of the Fund on Wednesday in Tunis, approved a grant of 5.86 million Units of Account (about 9 million US dollars), to help finance a project aimed at strengthening the national capacity to implement good governance programmes with the ultimate of reducing poverty by half by 2015.

The project has three components:

- Support to the enhancement of transparency and accountability in public finance management;

- Support to the modernisation and enhancement of the legal and judicial environment;

- Project management

The project will build national skills, in order to improve the quality of the output of public services with regards to the allocation of budgetary resources. It will help elaborate budget-programs in five pilot ministries (Justice, Education, Health, Agriculture and Industry) and implement a computerized system of public accounts management.

The project will also help improve the judicial services and create a more favourable framework that will enhance access to justice, especially for poor people as well as promote private sector development.

The African Development Bank Group operations in Madagascar started in 1977. To date, the cumulative commitments of the Bank Group in Madagascar amount to US$ 387 million in 57 operations.

1UA = US $ 1,535907 as at 01/12/04


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