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ADF Supports Education in Cape Verde


The Board of Directors of the ADF on Wednesday in Tunis, approved a grant of 1 million Units of Account (UA), equivalent to 1.46 million US dollars to finance the Education institutional support project in the country.

The project is intended to improve the quality of integrated basic education through the training and strengthening of human resources involved in the educational process. It will improve the management of schools and supervision of teaching as well as the qualification of basic education teachers with a view to enhancing human resources in this sub-sector.

This will be achieved by building of national capacities in distance training.

Specifically, the project will:

- Strengthen the Educational Radio (RE) and 3 resource centres with computer and audio-visual production equipment;

- Train 3 RE technicians and 6 technicians from the resource centres in data processing and audio-visual production;

- Facilitate the creation of a technical committee to oversee and formulate a national distance training scheme for teachers;

- Inform and raise the awareness of 45 executives from the RE and various training institutions in methodologies and content of distance training;

- Provide overseas training for 10 executives from the ministry, RE and various teacher training institutions in methodologies and content of distance training;

- Facilitate the formulation of a distance training scheme;

- Train all teaching inspectors (21), managers of educational centres (80) and head teachers (150), teachers (1,400) in the four municipalities where the resource centres strengthened by the project are located.

Bank Group operations in Cape Verde started in 1977. To-date, the Group has committed a total of 125.50 million UC, equivalent to 183.36 million US dollars in 37 operations.

Project Information Sheet

- Name of Project: Education Sector Institutional Support Project

- Sources of financing: ADF + Government

- Estimated start-up date and duration: January 2005, 3 years

- Executing Agency: Project Implementation Department, Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development

- Procurement of Goods, Works and Services:

o Goods: International Competitive Bidding for the equipment of the Educational Radio and the educational resource centres.

o Consultancy: A shortlist of individual consultants, consulting firms and/or training centres for technical assistance services, training abroad in methodologies and development of content and programmes for distance training and audio-visual production, local training in data processing, formulation of a distance training programme for basic and secondary education, development of distance teaching material for administrative personnel and inspectors and a training programme for the latter.


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