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ADF Supports Good Governance in Malawi


The Board of Directors of the ADF on Wednesday in Tunis approved a loan of 12 million Units of Account (UA), equivalent to 17.63 million US dollars in support of Malawi’s efforts to implement the policy reforms program aimed at promoting good governance in the country’s public sector.

The loan will be used to support the enhancement of accountability and transparency throughout Malawi’s public sector and targeted legal reforms aimed at improving access to justice, curbing corruption, and accelerating the law reform process. The aim is that the rigorous implementation of this program will enable Malawi to embark on a path of increasing economic growth and declining incidence of poverty.

The program will promote accountability and transparency of the public financial management system through:

- Improving accountability in budget formulation and execution, and strengthening,

- Budget monitoring and control,

- Revenue collection and resources predictability,

- Prevention of corruption and fraud through a transparent public procurement system.

The loan will also support improvements in the current framework governing the promotion of the rule of law and access to justice through ensuring respect for the rule law by strengthening oversight bodies, strengthening the law reform process, improving access to justice for the poor, and improving the detection and prosecution of corruption and fraud cases.

The Bank Group operations in Malawi started in 1969. To date, the Group has committed in the country approximately US$ 770 million (MWK 83 billion) for 81 operations.

Project Information Sheet

Title of Programme: Support for Good Governance Loan

Duration: Fifty years including a ten-year grace period

Procurement of Goods and Services:

o Institutions and the public sector with contract amounts involving more than UA 2.0 million will be procured through International Competitive Bidding, while contracts below this threshold shall be procured on the basis of international shopping.

Technical assistance: study to define transparent criteria for the granting of customs duties exemptions, preparation of the strategic plan for the National Audit Office, preparation of the Strategic Plan for the Law Commission.

Executing Agency: Ministry of Finance - P.O. Box 30049, Capital City - Lilongwe, Malawi - Fax: (265) 789 173, Tel: (265) 1 789 355


Martin Kakra-Kouame Phone: +216 71 10 23 96

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