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ADF Supports Health Care Development in Burkina Faso


Tunis, 27 July 2005 – The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund (ADF), the concessional window of the African Development Bank (ADB) Group, approved today in Tunis a loan of 25 million Units of Account* (US$ 36 million) to finance the Health Care development support project– Centre-East and North Regions of Burkina Faso.

The project will help to improve the health status and well-being of  the people by achieving the health-related millennium development goals.The objective of the project is to improve access to, as well as quality and utilization of health services in the Centre-East and North regions.

The regions of the Centre-East and North are affected by irregular rainfall, lack of water and impassable roads. These two regions are located in border areas with a great deal of movement of people which may contribute to the spread of communicable diseases including HIV.

The project comprises the following four components:

-  Improved access to quality health care

-  Disease control

-  Capacity building

-  Project management

The project beneficiaries are the populations (men, women, children, health personnel) in the two regions of the Centre-East and North, representing 17.12% of the country’s total population.

Activities aimed at improved access to quality health care will reach the entire population (men, women and children) through the provision of quality facilities and equipment, as well as health personnel through training. Health improvement mechanisms to be established including the organization and training of traditional doctors, awareness campaigns on hygiene and HIV/AIDS will also benefit the entire population of the two regions. The women and children of the target regions will be reached by specific national programmes, while national malaria control programmes will benefit the populations of the two regions. Alternatively, institutional support will have a national impact through the preparation, publication and dissemination of policy papers, regulations and directives on maintenance, traditional pharmacopoeia, laboratories, public hygiene and the inclusion of certain diseases such as cancer among women.

The implementation of the project will help increase job opportunities and income-generating activities. Moreover, the early detection of certain diseases in primary health units will generate savings on hospital costs. The quantitative and qualitative improvement of care through the training of health personnel in disease management will reduce morbidity of the populations who will be able to pursue their activities and contribute to the country’s economic development.

The Bank Group’s operations in Burkina Faso started in 1970. To date, the Group has committed a total of US$ 817 million on 68 operations in the country.

Project Information Sheet

-  Sources of financing: ADF & Government

-  Estimated start-up date and duration: January 2006 - 5 years

-  Executing Agency: Project Implementation Unit, 03 P. O. Box 7009, Ouagadougou 03, Fax: (226) 50 36 24 64, Tel: (226) 50 32 41 63

-  Procurement of Goods and Services: The Consultant will be recruited through competition on the basis of a shortlist in accordance with Bank Group Rules of Procedure.

*1UA = US $ 1.45661 as at 01/07/05

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