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ADF supports institutional and socio-economic integration in Western Africa


The project’s global objective is to help put in place development plans and programs in the water resources, energy and transport sectors of the Liptako-Gourma Region with a view to reducing poverty in the region. Its specific objective is to build ALG’s human and technical capacity so as to improve its performance in terms of economic decision-making, good economic governance and poverty reduction.

The project will ensure the reinforcement of human resources and technical capacity building by providing ALG with technical assistants in the fields of water resources, renewable energy, earth roads, mixed farming and the Geographic Information System

The project’s implementation will provide ALG with an energy and rural transport plan for the Liptako-Gourma Region which by the year 2006 will lead to a regional stock watering programme, a regional electrification programme and a rural road programme.

From the economic standpoint, by building the capacity to coordinate, produce, and disseminate socio-economic information, the project will propel development. Economic information will effectively guide the investment intentions of the governments, especially the private sector for the best economic impact. On the social front, the project’s implementation will mean reliable, updated and comprehensive data particularly on the most vulnerable groups, among which women. The programmes will better target this population’s needs and facilitate their integration into the development process.

Project Information Sheet

Executing Agency:Liptako-Gourma Authority, 415, Avenue Kwame N’KRUMAH, 01 BP 619, Ouagadougou 01 (Burkina Faso), Tel: (226), Fax: (226), E-mail:

Probable Start-up Date: March 2005

Procurement of Goods and Services:

- Equipment will be procured through national shopping in the three ALG countries.

- Technical assistance services, the services of an external auditor and those concerning the training programme will be procured through consultancy based on a short list of consulting firms.

- Various goods required for project coordination and management will be procured through national shopping.


Sabrina Hadjadj Aoul - Partnerships & Cooperation Unit Phone: +216 71 10 36 98 Fax: +216 71 10 37 52