ADF Supports modernization of Cadastral System in Senegal

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The ADF will in this regard contribute in financing the Cadastral Survey Modernization Support Project, for which the Board of Directors today in Tunis approved a grant of 2.5 million Units of Account (UA*) equivalent to US$ 3.77 million.

The main objective of the project is to enhance good governance by improving the mobilization ofinternally-generated resources and the business environment in order to attain sustainable growth that will have a significant impact on poverty reduction. More specifically, the project will help in the digitization of cadastral survey so as to ensure more effective land control, improve access to ownership and fiscal revenue.

The key project components include:

  • Cadastral survey capacity building
  • Capacity building with regard to State property, tax system verification, administration and coordination
  • Project management.

The project is in line with the National Good Governance Program (NGGP), one of the pillars of the Government’s poverty reduction strategy, which aims to create wealth and establish the enabling environment for the development of the private sector and the improvement of the mobilization of internal resources. The direct beneficiaries will be 70% of Senegal’s population who live in the areas concerned, the local governments, the local departments as well as the regional cadastral survey offices.

Furthermore, the project will help improve the security of land tenure, guarantee access to property and thus help to improve the business environment. It will result in increased transactions between private consulting firms, private surveyors, notaries public and banks. The project is also expected to help attract foreign investors to Senegal. It will improve the performance of the private sector and inject additional resources into the national economy thereby helping in poverty reduction efforts. Security of land ownership will protect underprivileged people such as women who would have a greater chance of becoming owners under simpler and more secure conditions. Lastly, transparency in the attribution of title deeds should logically improve access to housing and living standards.

The Bank Group's operations in Senegal started in 1972. To date, the cumulative commitment of the ADB Group in thecountry amounts to US$ 835 million for 61 operations.

1 UA = 1.51083 US$ as at 01/04/2005

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