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ADF Supports Post-War Reconstruction in Sierra Leone - ADF Grant will strengthen Public Finance and Energy Sectors


The Board of Directors of the African development Fund (AfDF), the concessional window of the ADB Group, on Wednesday in Tunis, approved a grant of 2.79 million Units of Account (UA*), equivalent to 4.10 million US dollars to strengthen the country's public finance and the energy sectors.

Sierra Leone witnessed a brutal war between 1990-2000 that displaced half of its population, disrupted the economy and destroyed the infrastructure including the public electricity supply system.

To rebuild the damaged infrastructure, the project will strengthen the productive capacity of the institutions involved in Public Financial Management. It will also strengthen the capacity of the public sector to manage the national debt and to establish a countrywide tracking system to capture and reconcile data on all external loans and grant. Furthermore, the project will rebuild the destroyed management, policy-making and implementation capacity of the Ministry of Energy and Power. The project also seeks to improve the performance of the ADB portfolio in the country through the enhancement of the management capacity of the Project Implementation Units responsible for the on going projects.

The project outputs will include the provision of specialized training to 289 senior civil servants or about 15 percent of the 1,972 mainstream civil servants drawn from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Energy and Power, the office of the Auditor General and the ongoing Bank Group financed projects in the country. The project will provide 636 man-months of technical assistance, which is desperately needed to revive the capacity of the beneficiaries. In addition, the project will provide relevant IT (software and hardware), internet connections, local area network and other essential research materials and office equipment, and train staff in the use of these equipment.

The total cost of the project is estimated at 2.94 million UA, equivalent to 4.32 million US dollars. The ADF grant will finance 95% percent of the project while the government of Sierra Leone takes charge of the remaining 5%.

Bank Group operations started in Sierra Leone in 1967. This grant brings the total commitment of the Bank in the country to 231 million UA, equivalent to 339.34 million US dollars for 38 projects.

1 UA = 1.46899 USD as at 01/10/2004

Project Brief

Name of project: Institutional Support Project to Strengthen Public Financial Management (PFM) and the Energy Sectors

Executing Agency: Ministry of Finance, Ministerial Building, National Bank Building, Siaka Stevens Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone - E-Mail: , - Fax: 228472 - Tel: 222211

Estimated start-up date & duration: Jan. 2005,3 years


Felix Njoku Phone: +216 71 10 26 12