ADF Supports Rural Electrification in Senegal

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This new intervention of the ADF, which has approved today a loan of 9.58 million units of account (US$ 14 million), will support a rural electrification project in the Senegalese region of Louga.

The project will help improve the living conditions of rural populations through improved access to electricity and enhanced management capacity of sub-sector institutions, while promoting productive sectors (trade, cottage industries, stockbreeding, etc.).

The availability of power will help improve the ability to meet drinking water needs, the benefits of which will have an impact on the health and on the fight against malnutrition. Electricity is also necessary to ensure the efficient operation of school and health equipment

It will also have a positive impact on the education of children and on access to information, in particular for women, who will be the primary beneficiaries of this initiative.

All these factors combined should reduce rural exodus by creating productive activities in small rural centres, thus promoting the polycentric development of the country.

The Agence pour l’Electrification rurale (ASER, Senegalese agency for rural electrification), execution agency of the project, has the objective to increase the rural electrification rate to 30% in 2015 and 60% in 2022.

The Bank Group’s Operations in Senegal started in 1972. To date, the Group has committed a total of US$ 871 million in 69 operations in the country.

Project Brief

- Location: Louga Region (Louga, Kebemer and Linguere Departments)

- Executing Agency: Agence Sénégalaise pour l’Electrification Rurale (ASER), B.P 11131 Dakar, Sénégal, Tél.: (221) 849 47 17, Fax: (221) 849 47 20, E-mail:

- Estimated start-up date & duration: January 2005, 48 months

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