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ADF supports SADC Shared Watercourses Support Project


Tunis, 25 January 2006  The African Development Fund (ADF) will finance the SADC Shared Watercourses Support Project for Ruvuma, Buzi and Save with a grant of U.A 9.38 million (US$ 13.40 millions). The grant was approved today by the Board of Directors of the African Development Fund.

The Project Goal is to ensure the development of integrated water resources management and related physical infrastructure development that contributes to regional integration and poverty reduction. The project will also privide a sustainable framework for an integrated planning and management of shared water resources in the Buzi, Ruvuma and Save river basins in order to support and improve the livelihoods of the local communities.

The proposed Shared Watercourses Support Project covers three SADC shared watercourses, namely Ruvuma, Buzi and Save which spread across three states (Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe). The project will consist of five components, namely (A) Development of River Basin Monographs and Strategies, (B) Enhanced Knowledge and Information Support System (C) Community Basin Management, (D) Project Management and Capacity Building (E) Audit Services.

The total cost of the project, net of taxes and customs duties, is estimated at UA 10.43 million, of which 75% is foreign cost and 25% is local cost. ADF will finance the entire foreign exchange cost (UA 7.84 Million) and part of local cost (UA 1.54 Million). The three SADC member states, through the SADC secretariat, will contribute the balance of local costs.

The proposed project is in line with the approved Bank’s Regional Assistance Strategy Paper for Southern Africa (2004-2008) and the Bank’s desire, contained therein, to channel its regional assistance efforts mainly through SADC. The proposed project is part of the broader SADC Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP). It is also part of NEPAD’s Short-Term Action Plan on transboundary water resources management.


Project in Brief


-   Name:

SADC Shared Watercourses Support Project for Ruvuma, Buzi and Save 

-   Bénéficiaire: SADC

-   Location: 

Buzi &  Save (Mozambique & Zimbabwe) ; Ruvuma (Mozambique & Tanzania)

-   Executing Agency:

SADC Secretariat, Private Bag 0095, Gaborone, Botswana, Tel: 267-395 1863, Fax: 267-397 2848

-   1 UC = 1,42927  au 01/01/2006


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