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ADF, Uganda sign 6 grant and loan agreements: sustainable development and environment protection


The ADB Vice-President for operations, Mr. Bisi Ogunjobi and Uganda’s Minister of State in charge of Investments, Finances Planning and Economic Development, Mr. Sam Kutesa signed in Tunis six loan and grant agreements from the African Development Fund (ADF) to finance four important operations for a total amount of US$ 115.2 million equivalent to UA* 74.18 million: the Farm Income Enhancement and Forest Conservation Project, the Institutional Support for Good Governance Project, the Mineral Resources Management Capacity Building Project, and the Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project

The Farm Income Enhancement and Forest Conservation Project is aimed at improving incomes, rural livelihoods and food security, through sustainable natural resources management and agricultural enterprise development.

The objective of Mineral Resources Management and Capacity Building Project is to strengthen government’s capacity in the management if mineral resources and encourage expansion of private investment in the mineral sector, with particular emphasis on community development in mining areas and enhancement of small-scale and artesian mining, in a socially and environmentally sound and sustainable manner.

The Institutional Support for Good Governance Project will reinforce the capacity-building requirements of some government institutions. It aims to partly satisfy the capacity-building prerequisites to implement the Government of Uganda’s good governance policies in the areas of decentralization; financial management; monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of poverty reduction programmes; and transparency and accountability.

Finally, the fourth initiative is the Small Town Water Supply and Sanitation Project that will contribute to the government’s efforts in achieving the national goal for the water sector of improving the quality of life and enhancing national economic development by ensuring sustainable management of the country’s water resources and provision of adequate water for all.

The VP Ogunjobi, while congratulating Uganda on its efforts to facilitate the implementation of the Bank’s operations on its soil, underlined that the aid coordination and portfolio performance will be enhanced with the opening of the ADB Country Office in Kampala.

The Finance Minister Kutesa expressed his gratitude to the Bank for to be consistent with the country’s sectorial priority as well as for having recently provided Uganda with debt relief of US$ 15.3 millions under the Highly Indebted Poor Country programme (HIPC).

The ADB Group operations in Uganda started in 1972. To date, the Group has committed in the country a total amount of US $ 1.354 billion for 76 operations.

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