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AfCoP Steering Committee and Core Management Team meet to discuss lessons for improving project implementation


Steering Committee and the Core Management Team members of the African Community of Practice on Managing for Development Results (AfCoP-MfDR) met on February 10 in Abidjan to review performance and provide strategic guidance on the African Development Bank-executed AfCoP project. The February 10-11, 2016 meeting was held together with that of the Core Management Team comprising 13 members from across Africa.

The event was unique in that it brought together the Steering Committee with of the Africa Community of Practice. This allowed them to share ideas and draw on synergies that will help to improve implementation of the project.  The role of the Core Management Team (CMT) is key in this regard to increase the visibility of the project and also for expanding the membership and outreach to AfCoP members. The CMT members play an essential role in representing and coordinating the Community of Practice. 

The AfCoP project is a multinational project that aims at mainstreaming managing for development results capacity in regional member countries and economic communities, through the African Community of Practice. Executed by the Bank, the project has a Human Development Department as well as a Quality Assurance and Results Department which are in charge of supervision and implementation. The project works in partnership with the Africa Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF). A Steering Committee composed of directors in various departments oversees project implementation within the Bank.

The AfCoP is a coalition of 4,100 development leaders and practitioners from all over Africa and beyond. AfCoP members work for African governments, civil society, and as independent experts in the field to mainstream Managing for Development Result or “MfDR” on the continent with a focus on regional integration. AfCoP also brings countries together to share results, solutions and improve their accountability to their citizens.

Quality Assurance and Results Department Director, Simon Mizrahi, emphasized the importance of the project saying: “It responds to the Bank’s commitment to support the development effectiveness agenda in regional member countries and regional economic communities, including strengthening transparency and accountability.”

The AfCoP Core Management Team co-chair Ledule Bosch encouraged the Steering Committee and the CMT members to explore interactions with the Bank’s departments in order to improve the project’s delivery, effectiveness and sustainability.

Sharing on the project’s progress, Victoria Chisala, Division Manager for Results Reporting and AfCoP Secretariat Coordinator, cited its contributions in improving public financial management across Africa. She discussed the status of the 17 participating countries roadmaps in implementing Managing for Development Results.

The African Development Bank will draw from these discussions to ensure that synergies between the AfCoP activities and the Bank’s strategic priorities are better explored, leading to sustainable results for the development of the African continent.

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