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AfDB/AFMI 5th Annual Local Currency Bonds and Financial Sector Development Conference/Workshop

Event location: 
Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

In 2008, the African Development Bank (AfDB) launched the African Financial Markets Initiative (AFMI) as part of its strategy to develop the financial markets sector in Africa. This initiative aims to contribute to the development of domestic bond markets in Africa through its two complementary pillars: the African Financial Markets Database (AFMD) and the African Domestic Bond Fund (ADBF). 

Overall, the objectives of this Conference/workshop are to present the structure of the African Domestic Bond Fund (ADBF) and to increase the regional coverage of the data required by the Bank and to improve the quality of data collected. Specifically, the event will achieve the following objectives:  

  1. To present the African Domestic Bond Fund (ADBF). 
  2. To present the recent developments of the financial sector in Africa
  3. To improve the quality whilst also increasing the amount of data collected in all RMCs; 
  4. To increase Finance Ministers’ and Central Bank Governors’ awareness on the importance of AFMI’s mandate.

The event will bring together more than 300 people including Central Bank Governors, Ministries of Finances, bank CEOs, pension funds, as well as over 60 liaison officers covering the debt market, pension, insurance, banks and the Senior Management of the African Development Bank.

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