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AfDB and Partners Seek Egypt’s Experience in Managing Wind Energy Effects on Birds and Bats


learn from the country’s experience in managing wind energy project impact on birds and bats.

The CIF-organized coverage mission was part of a CIF exercise to visit Clean Technology Fund (CTF) pilot countries to draw from their experience in managing wind energy project effects on birds and bats, and ultimately to share those experiences with other CIF countries.

Participants made a field visit to the Zafarana 545 MW wind farms, the CTF-supported 200 MW wind farm in the Gulf of Suez (AfDB), and observed the new transmission lines connecting the farms to the national grid (WB). In addition, in a day-long multi-stakeholder roundtable discussion, representatives of 40 government institutions, development partners and UN agencies, private sector, consultants and NGOs stakeholders reviewed critical aspects of wind project effect on birds and bats. 

Emerging findings include:

  • All Egyptian wind energy projects have had environmental and social impact assessments with special sections on birds.
  • As part of its strategy, the government is likely to consider the effects of the under-use of excellent wind resources because of risks to migrating birds.
  • The methodologies, tools and procedures to develop bird-zoning maps should be standardized.
  • To ensure coordinated efforts, a task force could be set up to support this objective.

These joint efforts will help all development partners strike a balance in promoting a sustainable African socio-economic development and making wise use of Africa’s abundant natural resources.

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