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AfDB Approves Four Projects Totaling USD 157 Million


Projects in Chad, Mali, Senegal and Uganda

The African Development Bank (AfDB) approved, during its regular session held on 6 July 2011, four development projects totaling USD 157 million.

In Mali, a line of credit amounting to euros 5.5 million to finance the Mali Solidarity Bank will allow this financial institution to provide microfinance institutions and SMEs. The project is consistent with the AfDB Private Sector Support Strategy, ie strengthening the financial sector, including commercially viable financial intermediaries and microfinance institutions; and supporting private enterprises, in particular small- and medium-sized enterprises.

The Improvement of Health Services Delivery at Mulago Hospital and in the City of Kampala Project aims at increasing access to quality and affordable health care services for the population of the Kampala metropolitan area. The USD 89 million project is expected to benefit the entire national population since Mulago Hospital is the main National Referral and Teaching Hospital. Immediate project beneficiaries are estimated at three million people, the majority being women and children under 15 years.

A USD 43,2 million concessional loan for an economic reform support programme for Senegal is expected to improve financial governance and the business climate, translating into better fiscal management and contribution by SMEs to GDP. This will help to improve public service delivery, create employment and generate income.

Finally, in Chad, the USD 16.64 million project approved by the AfDB to finance a rural, pastoral and transhumance infrastructure project aims at enhancing the living conditions of the transhumant and sedentary population by improving access to pastoral infrastructure and resources (wells, ponds, transhumance corridors, livestock schemes) and basic social services.

Furthermore, the AfDB Board of Directors approved the Dialogue Note 2011-2012 with Algeria. The areas in which Algeria and the Bank will continue dialogue are strengthening the capacity of the administration; private sector development; and regional integration, with both Mediterranean region and sub-Saharan Africa.


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