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AfDB Approves US$ 12 Million for Administrative Capacity Building Project in Guinea Bissau


Tunis, 15 July 2009 – Guinea Bissau will get a US$ 12.10 million grant, equivalent to the Bank’s 7.8 million Units of Account*, to finance the country’s Administrative Capacity Building Support Project, approved by the Board on Wednesday in Tunis.

The project is designed to improve the supply, conditions and quality of vocational training in administration; help to build capacity in the economic, financial and administrative arms of the government as well as ensure the computerization of the public procurement management system.

Key outcomes include the establishment and nurturing of the National School of Administration (ENA); improved performance of economic and financial arms of the public administration; as well as project management and monitoring.

The project is designed to address, with greater commitment, the problem of inadequate capacity that affect the delivery of public services. The low qualification of workers, the lack of a general capacity building plan, low salaries and weak leadership at various levels are among the challenging issues to deal with.

The Administrative Capacity Building Support Project (ACBSP) stems from the country’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) aimed at institutional and governance capacity building for the public administration, the National Good Governance Programme (PNPG) prepared by the government to implement national priority actions, and the “Good Governance Strengthening” pillar of the 2005–2009 Results-Based Country Strategy Paper (RBCSP), which is an implementing tool. It provides the government with the possibility of training all its workers and recruiting staff from a much more competitive labour market.

The project will cover the entire country in that the ENA will admit civil servants and other people without distinction, provided they are desirous of acquiring skills in the area of administration. The stock of skills acquired at ENA will help to gradually improve the performance of the government, enhance its presence and control in the management of public assets, while promoting broader basis for the people’s participation in wealth creation. Consequently, the entire working population of Guinea Bissau will benefit from the project.

The project is estimated at UA 7.80 million (CFAF 5.95 billion in February 2009). The ADF will cover the entire cost of the project.

* 1 UA Units of Account) = 1.55223 US$ on 15/07/2009


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