AfDB/Burundi – Launch of Infrastructure Action Plan for Sustainable Development and Regional Integration

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Date: 02/04/2010
Location: Bujumbura, Burundi

Burundi Infrastructure Plan on Track

The Burundi infrastructure action plan was jointly presented by the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group and the country’s public works ministry on Friday, 2 April 2010 in Bujumbura, during a workshop chaired by the country’s second vice president, Gabriel Ntisezerana, in the presence of the country’s finance minister, Clotilde Nizigama, and the AfDB Country and regional Programs and Policy Operations Vice President, Aloysius Ordu. Some eighty participants, representing the government, the private sector, development partners and donors, participated in the presentation. The report is a summary of a study conducted on transportation, energy, telecommunication and the mining sector, taking into account national and regional objectives.  Read More

Interview with Mr Aloysius Ordu, Vice-President, Country and Regional Programmes and Policy Operations, African Development Bank Group. Tunis, 30 March 2010

Tunis, 1 April  2010 - The Government of Burundi and the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group  will officially launch an “Action Plan for Infrastructure in Burundi" in Bujumbura on 2 April.  

This plan, to be implemented over the next two decades with an estimated total investment of USD 5.8 billion, is the outcome of detailed study and analyses of the country’s infrastructure needs from a regional perspective.

Based on the analysis of integrated transport, energy, telecommunications and mining, the action plan is aligned with national and regional development objectives.  The report gives a detailed evaluation of investment opportunities for infrastructure in Burundi and the region.

The AfDB Vice-President in charge of  Country and Regional Programmes and Policy Operations, Mr Aloysius Ordu, who will represent the Bank at the launch ceremony said: "to reduce poverty in a sustainable way, Burundi needs an annual growth rate of 6% to 7% until 2030.  This action plan shows clearly how to achieve this goal. It also focuses on the integration of Burundi in the broader East African Community and the opportunity for access to global markets. "

The launch will provide an opportunity to share the study’s results and start a dialogue for the implementation of the proposals, particularly with regard to:

  • Priority investment and maintenance program,
  • The funding programme, including the commitment of various parties the government, the donor community and the private sector,  
  • A capacity building program and private sector development.

The launch, which will take place in Bujumbura, is designed to create awareness in Burundi, which is both the primary beneficiary and a stakeholder, from both a governmental and private sector point of view. The event also aims to inform the donor community and private investors about the plan, encourage their investment support and cooperation as well as to promote synergy, complementarity and efficiency.

The AfDB believes that the launch will lay the foundation for a strong collaboration between government, development partners and the private sector, and will result in actual projects on the ground in the short-term. The implementation of the plan will make a real contribution to Burundi’s economic and social development.

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