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AfDB - Economic Community of Central African States Strengthening of Institutional Capacities


The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group approved an ADF project in the amount of USD 10,744 million for the support project to the institutional capacity building of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS).  

The project’s object is to promote regional integration in Africa through institutional, human and operational capacity building, the implementation of region-wide programmes and harmonization of sectoral policies.  

The project’s implementation will lead to the development of other competences including the analysis and adaptation functions of regional economic communities’ institutional capacities, statistics development for monitoring the implementation of regional infrastructure and harmonization of the trade policies of ECCAS and the CAEMC.

Other than the ECCAS, other direct beneficiaries of the project include the Central African Economic and Monetary Community and the Central African technical secretariat associated in the studies and in other activities as part of the planning and harmonization of policies and regional norms.

For the AfDB, this operation will help to rise up to certain challenges that require courageous answers, both from the strategic, institutional and operational viewpoints, and this, a bid to assist Central Africa catch up with the other parts of the continent with regard to regional integration .

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