AfDB Finances a Solar Thermal Power Station Project

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It seeks to extend electric power generation facilities and develop renewable forms of energy. The specific objectives are to contribute to ensuring steady supply of electricity to the country, diversifying energy sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It will help raise the installed production capacity of the national electricity authority (ONE) from 200 to 250 MW and to inject about 1,590 GWh into the interconnected system, including 55 GWh from solar energy.

The project is in line with the ONE low cost equipment plan to match supply with demand for energy by 2008. It will help to: (i) promote renewable energies and diversify energy resources for the generation of electricity in Morocco; (ii) master solar thermal technology with the aim of reducing the cost of a KWh in the medium and long terms; (iii) reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the use of solar energy and natural gas; and (iv) enable the ONE to save on the cost of fuel used to generate electricity in its thermal power stations.

This project contributes to poverty reduction, through its connection to the national grid, guaranteeing steady electricity supply to urban centers, urban-rural fringes and rural areas thus facilitating access to electricity for hitherto marginalized social classes and reducing the gap between some areas.

The Bank is a major partner of Morocco in the energy sector. It has financed 10 operations (9 projects and 1 study) in the energy sector for a total amount of UA 262.26 million. The last operation financed by the Bank is the project to reinforce interconnections of electric power grids.

The ADB operations in Morocco started in 1970. To date, its commitments in the country stand at 3.5 billion Units of Account (EUR 4 billion or 45 billion Dirhams) in 84 operations.

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