AfDB Grants €2.9 million to Togo to Finance Governmental Reform

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The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group has made two grant agreements totaling € 2.9 million (FCFA 1.9 billion) to fund governmental reforms and the country’s 2012 action plan.

The loans come under the AfDB’s Fragile States Facility. The minister for the economy and finance, Adji Othèth Ayassor, represented the Togolese government with the AfDB resident representative in the country, Serge N'Guessan, acting for the Bank.

The funds will support five strategic areas of action. They include the development of strategies for poverty reduction, community self-development and self-employment, particularly among the most vulnerable. The third is a strategic and organisational audit of six ministries with a view to their reorganisation and reconstruction.  Three of the ministries are concerned with education and the other three are involved with infrastructure.  

The fourth area of action concerns capacity building in the ministry for the advancement of women through training and for the purchase of software and equipment. Finally, technical assistance will be provided to help boost the diaspora’s contribution to the country’s reconstruction and development, and to assist the future development of the Togolese government’s internet activities.

To date, loan agreements totaling €5.2 million (FCFA 3.4 billion) have been made since 2009 from the Fragile States Facility as rapid response measures for capacity building within the government.

In the near future, the AfDB and the Togolese government will sign a further agreement, in the amount of some €713,000 or FCFA 468 million, to strengthen the ministry of public works.

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