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AfDB Hosts Ombudspersons of International Organizations


The African Development Bank Group will from Monday, June 11 through to Saturday, June 16, host two important events. The first event is a training programme offered by the International Ombudsman Association (IOA) under the auspices of the ADB Office of the Ombudsperson in collaboration with CHRM.

The IOA is the largest international association of professional organizational ombudsman practitioners in the world dedicated to providing training and other services to practicing Ombudspeople and organizational thought leaders.

The training being provided comprises four modules; The Ombudsman 101 course which gives the fundamentals of the role and function of the ombudsman as well as the standards of practice and code of ethics of the job. It is intended for practicing ombudspeople and organizational thought leaders. It is particularly useful to organizations in the process of transformation and strengthening of their Ombuds services as is the case of the Bank at present; Helping People Come Forward will examine reasons why people fail to report wrongdoings in an organization such as the Bank. The course will arm participants with skills and tools that will enable them to help people come forward. Ombudsing in the Field comes in handy as the Bank expands its Field Offices and deploys more staff outside Headquarters or the Temporary Relocation Agency, while The Ombudsman Support Role imparts interpersonal and communication skills as well as techniques to ombudsman assistants to enable them to be more effective in the support roles.

The training is open to external participants with attendees coming largely from the UN agencies and Multilateral Development Banks. Several Bank staff are expected to attend various modules as appropriate.

The second event is the sixth meeting of the Mediators and Ombudsmen of the United Nations System,(including its agencies and programs), the Bretton Woods Institutions and related international organizations (UNARIO). This group meets annually to network and benchmark best industry practices. On the agenda this time is, among others, the issue of harmonizing standards of practice and reporting categories, as well as measuring the impact and effectiveness of our services.

This is the first time both the IOA and UNARIO are meeting outside North America and Europe. In addition to imparting knowledge and skills to carefully selected Bank staff for institutional impact, the IOA training, and the UNARIO meeting will also help to increase awareness of the role and function of the services offered by the Office of the Ombudsperson.