AfDB Participates in PPI Roundtable in Addis Ababa

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The Joint Africa Institute (JAI), in collaboration with the African Development Bank’s NEPAD Support Unit, MIGA of the World Bank Group, and the NEPAD Secretariat, held a high-level Roundtable on PPI in infrastructure projects, in Addis Ababa, June 21 and 22. The Roundtable is designed to highlight the impediments to more robust private participation in regional infrastructure projects and to focus on developing action plans for accelerating implementation of cross-border infrastructure projects, particularly those in the NEPAD Short-Term Action Plan (STAP).

The specific objectives of the seminar were to provide senior decision makers from Regional Economic Commissions (RECs) and their member countries, the NEPAD Secretariat and other players with carefully selected case-study analysis of regional infrastructure projects that have been successfully brought to financial closure and implemented in a learning tool format that can be adapted and adopted to the development and implementation of other regional infrastructure projects.

The seminar highlighted the key impediments (legal, regulatory, financial, etc) to development and participation of the private sector in regional infrastructure projects and discussed the timing and approaches that were adopted to resolve them and bring the ‘case study’ projects to fruition. Based on the outcome of the discussion, participants exchanged views on what governments and RECs as well as their development partners can do to attract and facilitate private financing of NEPAD infrastructure projects and to champion private sector participation in regional infrastructure development.

Over thirty high-level representatives of Regional Economic Commissions (RECs), River Basin Organizations (RBOs), and project sponsors representing regional cross-border infrastructure projects attended. In addition, approximately 15  representatives of international finance institutions and regional bodies were represented.

Key staff from the JAI, the ADB, World Bank and NEPAD Secretariat led and guided the Roundtable. Ms. Karin Millett, Director, JAI, Mr. A. Rakotobe, Acting Director for NEPAD Support Unit, Mr. Michel Wormser and Mr. Mark Tomlinson for World Bank were among the principal representatives of the participating partners in the Roundtable.

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