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AfDB President Commits to Support Tunisia’s Transition


The African Development Bank (AfDB) has expressed its willingness to support Tunisia’s interim government in key economic areas to enable a smooth transition  and long-term stability of the country.

Addressing the media on Monday, 14 February 2011 in Tunis, AfDB President, Donald Kaberuka, said that Tunisia would require every support it can get from its partners including the Bank in the course of its transition. These include immediate fiscal and social challenges, as well as structural issues at the heart of some of the country’s problems such as youth unemployment, and regional inequalities.

“Tunisia remains remain a key partner, the second client of the Bank. We have various commitments to the country at this time totaling 1.4 billion dollars of which about 80% is already disbursed, including a total of nearly 250 million dollars to the private sector,” Mr. Kaberuka said.

The AfDB President addressed the media after a meeting with Tunisia’s interim Prime Minister, Mohamed Ghannouchi, earlier in the day, where they discussed Bank support in key areas such as unemployment, equipping disfavored regions, investment in infrastructure, supporting good governance, and supporting the government with recovery of illicit wealth.

He expressed the Bank’s gratitude to the Tunisian authorities and people for their hospitality in the last eight years as well as for the support provided the Bank received during the revolution. (President Kaberuka’s statement)


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